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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  November 9, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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medical attention lying inside the front of the residence. contacted the fire department to come out. that female victim was pronounced dead at 8:09 this morning. >> reporter: neighbors were stunned. >> it can happen anywhere. so i don't, it's not pleasant, that's for sure. >> reporter: police are not saying what injuries the victim suffered except to call them traumatic wounds. police are not releasing names because there is some confusion in how many people live here besides a married couple. so at this point those people including the husband who has not been found are all persons of interest but none are being called suspects right now. as for the delay in responding, police say the car crashes were potentially life threatening situations. >> those are high priority calls. there was nothing said and no answer on call back. >> reporter: police say they get about 50 to 60, 911 hangups
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a day. they will not confirm the identity of the victim until next of kin have been notified. coming up at 6:00, more on the delay by police in responding to the scene. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the city attorney in oakland has finalled papers opposing a federal takeover of the oakland police department. the plaintiffs have asked for a court appointed receiver to take over the department because they claim the department hasn't fulfilled all the requirements. the city attorney says appointing a receiver would be inappropriate and might make it harder for the city to comply. police today arrested two people suspected in the killing of a man. investigators say felicia viscania and joshua perry shot vaugn walker after an argument over money. walker died shortly afterward at the hospital. it's unclear how the suspects knew walker.
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both suspects are expected to be charged with murder. >> one that has taken over america's economic debate is the fiscal cliff. it's the drastic automatic spending cuts and tax cups that will take effect. a washington correspondent explains the sense of urgency. >> reporter: now that the election is over this is washington's next fight. tackling the nation's debt. expiring tax cuts, massive layoffs, it's hanging over the heads of the most powerful in the nation's capitol. >> right now if congress fails to come to an agreement on an overall deficit reduction package by the end of the year, everybody's taxes will automatically go up. >> reporter: the stakes haven't be higher. the nonpartisan congressional budget office says ignoring this fiscal crisis could throw merck back into a recession. john boehner called on the president to lead. >> this is his moment to engage the congress and work towards a solution that can pass both
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chambers. >> reporter: for the first time there looks to be signs of cooperation. a willingness to negotiate to find a solution. >> i'm not weighted to every detail of my plan. i'm open to compromise. i'm open to new ideas. >> reporter: the president invited congressional leaders of both parties to begin working on a plan. any balanced plan to reduce the deficit must ask the wealthiest of americans to pay more. in washington, jacqueline fell, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> a week ago a lot of people probably didn't know about the fiscal cliff. since the election it seems there are reports about it everywhere. rob roth tells us that seems to be creating a ground swell for action. you talked to a congresswoman about that this today. >> reporter: right. we're standing on 3rd avenue made up of mostly mom and pop shops just like main street usa. folks here say they not only are hoping political leaders avoid the so-called fiscal
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cliff, they're expecting them to find a solution this to what economists call a potential looming catastrophe. the path leading away from the fiscal cliff goes through congress, but can democrats and republicans reach a compromise? democratic congresswoman says compromise is possible because democrats are willing to discuss budget cuts and republicans don't want the tax cuts initiated by president george w. bush to expire at the end of the year. >> with that looming the republicans have a reason to find a means to salvage something for their side. >> reporter: house minority leader issued a statement urging congress to extend the tax cults to couples earning under $250,000 a year. let's sit down and get the job done. every day we delay adds to the uncertainty of the middle class. here among the downtown san mateo small business people it
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there is mostly uncertainty. >> i could worry about it but there's nothing i can do about. >> if my costs go up which i'm going to have to pass them on. >> you have these dualing political postures. the way they get resolved is you get pressure from the public. >> reporter: not all the details have to be ironed out by the end of the year. a framework must be in place by then. reporting live in san mateo, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details on what the fiscal cliff could mean for your taxes. if you're low income your taxes will go up about $412 per year. if you're middle income your taxes will go up about $2000 per year. if you're upper income you can expect to pay $14,173 more in taxes per year. on wall street worries over whether the president and congress can compromise on the fiscal cliff left stocks with
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their worst week since june. the dow closed up just 4 points for the day. for the week it's down 2.1%. the nasdaq was up 9. for the week it was off 2.4%. the s&p 500 rose 2 points. for the week it lost 2.6%. >> a stunning announcement. cia director david petraeus resigned revealing he had an extramarital affair. petraeus asked president obama to allow him to resign. today the president accepted. calling petraeus quote one of the outstanding general officers of his generation. in a statement to cia employees petraeus said he had shown extremely poor judgment in having the affair. the retired four star general led the military campaigns in iraq and afghanistan before taking the helm of the cia in 2011. diane feinstein who chairs
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the senate intelligence committee reacted saying this is an enormous loss for our nation's intelligence community company for our country. she goes on to say director petraeus gave the agency leadership, sure, prestige and credibility. michael morell will be taking over as acting director. president obama says he has the utmost confidence in morell. >> the u.s. supreme court has agreed to hear a lawsuit from states asked to be released from supervision. 16 states must get federal court approval before making any changes to their election procedures. four california counties are also covered by that provision of the voting rights act. several of the states say the basis for the supervision is outdated and they've made enough improvements they no
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longer need the oversight. >> president obama is set to travel to new york to review recovery efforts. the president will be on the east coast on thursday. there he'll meet with families affected by the storm as well as local officials and first responders. new york officials estimate damage from sandy could reach $33 billion in that state. the president traveled to new jersey last week to view the damage and recovery efforts there. an 11-year-old boy from santa clara was among the victims of wednesday's major earthquake. the family of aldo dominguez vasquez says the boy was living with an uncle and was working in the family's wary when that earthquake hit. the cousin says aldo's parents are divorced and both live in the united states. >> tonight a peace officer's group will hold a fundraiser.
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officer kenyon young symptom was shot during a traffic stop. the peace officers alliance organized tonight's fundraiser. it will better officer youngstrom's family. his widow is expected to attend. coming up at 6:00, we have a crew at that fundraiser. we'll show you the outpouring of support the officer's family. >> the incident organizers want people to remember when they see this display. >> back here in just a few minutes i've got your weekend in view. we have scattered showers out there. it's going to be cold. down right freezing tomorrow morning. i'll show you where.
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students at uc berkeley are camping out tonight marking the one year anniversary of the occupy cal movement. allie rasmus is live with how
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this action compares to what happened there last year. >> reporter: you can see that there are tents set up here. uc berkeley campus. organizers with occupy cal say they've set up this display. they're here to remember what happened on this site one year ago. >> celebrating announcing what happened on november 9th. >> reporter: about a dozen people assembled tents. >> you can see the police baton there. that symbolizing the heavy handedness of the university. >> reporter: the goal to remember this confrontation between occupy cal protesters and police last year. the clash erupted after police told occupiers to take down their encampment. >> got hit with a baton across the forearm. >> reporter: 29 protesters sued the university for excessive force and are asking for $15 million in damages. that suit is still pending. a hearing is scheduled for some time in december. the university's independent police review board studied the
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incident and noted mistakes. >> they could have done things differently. that's correct. i don't know if overreacted is the right point. >> reporter: the review board recommended the university show more patience, better leadership and communication. but the plaintiffs in the lawsuit say legal action is the best way to effect change. >> at this university has to take action and actively change what they've done to match any words they put on paper. >> reporter: we contacted a university spokeswoman today to get a comment on that lawsuit but we haven't been able to catch up with her and speak with her about it just yet. >> california prison officials are making changes that they hope will give inmates a reason to drop their gang affiliation. if an inmate shows good behavior and participates in incentive programs corrections officials say that gang members can earn more privileges and cut their time in isolation by
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years. prison officials are revowelling the inmates currently held to see if they can be sent back into the general prison population. >> a man in sacramento is under arrest in the so-called roaming rapist case. prosecutors say he attacked 10 women throughout sacramento county from 1998 to 2003. the victims ranged in age from 14 to 42. investigators say they used updated dna technology to find a general match between the victims and the suspect's brother. they were able to zero in on sanders. in the south bay ground was broken on a major project to fix a freeway interchange that has been a huge headache for years. the $62 million project will include recon figuring the on and off ramps between interstate 280 and interstate 880 and building a new direct ramp from northbound 880 on to 280. it will also widen the stevens creek boulevard bridge.
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officials ask people to be patient during the construction. >> i know that it will be a burden for neighbors and even for motorists during the construction time. but we know it's going to be worth it. >> it is estimated that the project will be finished sop time in 2015. >> a federal judge in brooklyn, new york has reportedly given preliminary approval to a deal between credit card companies and retailers. the issue is alleged fee fixing. it would settle a lawsuit. they claim credit card companies conspired to fix the fees they charge stores. visa says it is fair. however a group representing the retailers doesn't like the idea and is exploring other legal options. >> a judge in apple's lawsuit says she will investigate questions about the forman of the jury that ruled in apple's favor. cnet is reporting the foreman did not disclose he had been sued by one of samsung's
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partners and had to file bankruptcy as a result. samsung is alleging jury misconduct. a car seat manufacture everrer has issued a recall after some children chewed and gagged on pieces from a safety seat. the problem concerns certain models. the company received reports the children bit and gagged on pads connected to the seat's harness straps. >> some people in the east bay woke up this morning to the sound of falling hail. marble sized hail fell. this is what it looked like up near highway 13. so much hail fell that some people thought it looked more like snow on the ground. bad weather is being blamed for several traffic accidents. this happened just after 1:00 a.m. the highway patrol says a crash was caused by slick pavement. you can see the pickup ended up flipping over on to its roof.
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the driver inside was not seriously injured. >> another fall storm is bringing snow to the sierra. increased dame for drivers. the storm caused several accidents and traffic. drivers say they're not ready for these kinds of conditions. from are you used to driving in the snow? >> i haven't for a long time. >> you chains? >> nope. >> what's your level of concern having to drive down hill? >> high. >> so far this storm has brought up to 18 inches of snow in the sierra. and take a look at this. a viewer sent these photos. this is a tarp covering the football field. it's actually hail on the ground at oakland skyline high school. the entire field was covered with ice this morning along with other parts of the campus. >> even adjusting to snow on some of the bay area peaks as well. let's go to bill martin. you told us it was going to be cold. >> go back 36 hours and there was record heat. daytime highs were just upper
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40s low 50s. those were overnight lows a few days ago. it went from summer to winter. now it's going to go stay in winter. overnight lows are going to get really cold. we'll see temperatures that will be in the freezing level. take a look at what's happening out there now. a little snow flurries. showers. all over the northern part of california. the current radar shows some activity just off of half-moon bay. you can see what's happening. it really is light stuff at best. we did have a thunder shower earlier this afternoon. those showers have since died down. now what's left behind is this cold air. there's a frost advisory in effect for northern counties. that's just sort of underscores how cold it's going to get here. i wouldn't be surprised if we saw a frost advisory here maybe tomorrow morning. more likely like sunday morning. overnight lows tonight are going to be freezing or near freezing in the coldest inland
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valleys. it's late afternoon and napa is almost in the 40s. you know it's going to be cold tonight. we know the mountains got snow. anywhere from 6-inches to a foot of snow. no chains chain required right now. that winter weather advisory they extended. if you have travel plans, not so worried about the heavy snowfall but you're getting into the icy conditions. it's going to be cold. the roadways here are wet. it's going to get super icy. tahoe travel plans or even in the foot hills or up in the hills you'll have some icy conditions. 40 as you wake up tomorrow morning. 40 in concord. these are the main city airport areas. if you go forestville, you go over here towards sonoma. saturday morning one of the coldest mornings we've seen in
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a long time. sunday morning, colder still. no frost advisory tomorrow. there will be frost in those inland bay valleys. temperature forecasts for overnight. it is going to be cold. you get into some outlying areas it's going to be colder than that. that's the big story in the weather center. i have the five-day forecast. we'll look at the weekend and talk about the cold for sunday morning. probably the coldest morning we've seen in a long time. see you back in a few minutes. >> a 21-year-old student was killed when a train hit her. authorities say terese was one of three students who were hit by the train. paramedics air lifted the other two to a hospital in dayton, ohio. richmond, indiana where the accident happen asked near the ohio state line about halfway
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between dayton and indianapolis. >> a hazard looms for hundreds of thousands of drivers. there's a recall affecting vehicles. >> a sign of the times and the season. what had people lining up this morning in the south bay and how you help them get through the holidays. y wireless receivers.
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blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. chrysler is recalling nearly 1 million jeep suvs worldwide due to air bag
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problems. the vehicles airbags could inflate while the car is being driven. the problem has caused 81 minor injuries. no crashes were reported. grand cherokees from 2002 to 2004 and liberties from 2002 to 2003. the recall affect 10.9, 21.8 and 40.7-ounce canisters. it was warned about a possible salmonella contamination. no reports of any illnesses. >> dozens of people lined up outside a charity today. they weren't there for a quick handout. they were there to sign up for a chance to give their children a happy holiday. >> we're on a tight budget. my husband is a seasonal worker when it rains it's worse. if it wasn't for sacred heart i don't know how we would have
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gotten groceries. especially last week. my husband didn't work. not even, not even a day the whole year. >> jesse romero came to register for holiday help. she hopes to get enough food and toys for her five children and two grandchildren. many had camped out overnight in the cold and rain. sacred heart officials say they try to tell people they don't have to wait in line but many are desperate. including one woman faced with big medical bills. >> this was the one thing she could control in her life of very difficult times to get here and know she was going to have thanksgiving, christmas and toys for her children. >> this thanksgiving sacred heart will distribute food boxes to 4000 families for christmas the charity will hand out 3200 food boxes and more than 16,000 toys. with just four frozen turkeys in their pantry right now they say they could sure use some
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help. to find out how you can help, go to and click on web links. >> the chinese government apparently blocked google today. the communist party came to appoint new leaders for the first time in a decade. google determined the problem was not at its pend. the servers say it's no coincidence this comes as the party is holding its national congress. the maverick surf season is underway. a paddled up for the ceremony. today's event marks the beginning of the wading period. the window will remain open through march. ideal conditions failed to materialize last season and the season before, so the contest was not held. >> sex change surgeries for san francisco residents. why the city is preparing to pay for them.
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>> it's unique therapy. why these injured combat veterans are riding dolphins.
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it's another controversial first for san francisco. the city wants to cover the cost of sexual reassignment surgery for people without health insurance. sex change operations would be paid for under the healthy san francisco program which is funded in part by the city. ktvu's dave stevenson is in frank now. >> reporter: san francisco 10 years ago began offering transgender health benefits to city workers. now the full set of those benefits are being offered to
5:30 pm
residents. it is another first for san francisco. this week the city began preparing to become the first in the nation to help provide and pay for the cost of sexual reassignment surgery for uninsured residents. the city provides primary care mental health services and hormone therapy for those who qualify. >> one of the service questions not have was sexual reassignment surgeries. >> that's good if they have the budget. if they don't they should use that money elsewhere. >> i have that opinion as well it's more of a choice. it should be spent more on other more pressing health matters like homeless people's health. >> reporter: health commissioner says it is not a choice. she underwent sexual reassignment surgery several years ago. >> it's helped me to improve my quality of life. >> reporter: chung points to
5:31 pm
the discrimination and violence faced daily. >> sometimes it's really a matter of life and death. >> reporter: san francisco supervisor says providing the surgery is in line with corporate healthcare benefits. >> if you look around the country more than 200 major corporations provide transgender health benefits to employees. >> reporter: the surgery benefits are set to be offered about a year from now after the city establishes the qualifications and license up the providers to perform the surgeries. live in san francisco, david stephenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> backers of same-sex marriage celebrated victories in four states where voters approved measures. maine, maryland, minnesota and washington. people on both sides of the issue we talked to today agree those votes will have little effect in the near future on california and other states that have banned same-sex marriage. >> don't think that these four
5:32 pm
states are representative of the country as a whole. it would be a challenge for the other side to overturn the 30 constitutional amendments. >> it's going to be tough to repeal constitutional amendments in very conservative states that don't have the most basic protections for lgbt people. >> on tuesday wisconsin also elected the nation's first openly gay u.s. senator. >> bay area video game makers in the middle of a scandal involving the elite seal team six. maker of the game medal of honor. seven seems served as paid consultants on the game without the military's permission. they're accused of share sensitive information. people we talked with today say the seal should have followed pentagon rule. >> if you want to play the game you have to play by the rules. they accepted the rules. so i think maybe it's slightly
5:33 pm
an overreaction these guys are obviously very brave and heroic. but they still have to play by the rules. >> the members of seal team six including one who reportedly participated in the bin laden raid were reprimanded and docked pay. as the nation pauses to honor our military veterans this sunday a report shows veterans have been hit with what you might call a triple whammy. u.s. military members have lived through two wars overseas and a recession at home. the report found that that's led to several big problems. homelessness with almost 70,000 veterans living on the street. access to mental healthcare at a time when the suicide rate among veterans is soaring is difficult. >> sometimes veterans from iraq and afghanistan are so traumatized they t can be difficult for them to function in normal society. tonight a story about a unique
5:34 pm
program for veterans that includes having them swim with dolphins in vallejo. johner john fowler is here to explain. >> reporter: animal therapy with what can be described as play. at six flags discovery kingdom a special team of dolphins swam with 10 traumatized combat veterans. this is a first of its kind therapy session, struggling war fighters connecting with these remarkable creatures. >> the feel and the touch of them. it's kind of life altering. i probably won't think about anything bad for a couple days now and won't have bad dreams thinking about this. >> reporter: people have had this experience say there's an emotional bond of trust with these highly social penalty animals. something these warriors could benefit from. >>hey need help. people have to realize what they've gone through.
5:35 pm
we have to help them. >> reporter: muir yell snyder swam with dolphins on her 90th birthday. she arranged this event. >> it helps them to get away from some of the tragedies they've experienced. >> reporter: former infantryman served three tours in iraq. >> i have a problem with trust. just chilling with dolphins is sometimes a lot funner than hanging without people. they can't t you down. >> reporter: a positive environment where everyone is smiling and having fun. >> it helps out so much. it fills so many holes we have in ourselves. >> reporter: this was called a big success. six flags says it may do it again. >> a jetblue pilot who disrupt add flight with a psychotic
5:36 pm
haven't free to go home. the incident last march was caught on cell phone video. clayton osbon ran through the plane yelling about religion and terrorists. a forensic neuropsychologist determined that osbon had a brief psychotic disorder. today a judge decided not to send osbon to a mental facility but said he must inform his probation officer before boarding any plane. >> police are looking for the person who left a mutilated pig at the front door of a republican campaign office today. the pig was wrapped in a mitt romney t-shirt. a passer by thought it was a dead body. >> i thought it was a dead body because of the way he approached it. when he lifted the shirt he saw the head wrapped in barbed wire. >> police say they're investigating this incident as an illegal dumping of an animal
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carcass. >> new leadership for the church of england. the corporate background he brings to his faith and his position on some of today's more controversial topics. >> are they ready for the flugtags? some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15%
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on an ikea kitchen.
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen. thousands of protestiers are calling on the egyptian
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government to implement islamic law. 10,000 people packed the square today. the current president favors a gradual implement take of islamic law. critics say the new government should be focused on writing a new constitution and reducing poverty, unemployment and political corruption. police in san diego county say an iraqi american woman who was beaten to death last march was the victim of domestic violence. they have arrested her husband. when the 32-year-old woman was found dead inside her home some thought it might have been a hate crime. that's because her daughter had told police that she found a note that said go back to your country you terrorist. but months of investigation eventually led to the arrest of her husband. he is now charged with first- degree murder. there are indications his wife may have been considering a divorce. >> the new spiritual head of the church of england is a former oil company executive. he has been named the new
5:41 pm
archbishop of canter bury. he will lead 77 million anglicans. he's known as a supporter of women bishops. he said he will re-examine his thinking on gay issues. dozens of home made flying come transportations are about to be put to the test in san francisco. competitors in this year's red bull flugtag contest are putting the finishing touches on their flying machines. tomorrow the devices will be launched off a flight deck to see how well they fly. this is the tenth year of the event here in the u.s. flugtag means flying day in german. we posted more video of today's preparations on for you. >> most of us have wireless phones. but many people wonder which service is the best. we have some answers. >> i'm back here in just a few
5:42 pm
minutes. it's clearing up out there. it is going to get really cold tonight. which areas are going to be the coldest. where you can see frost. and freezing temperatures. see you back here. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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most cell phone contracts lasting two years most consumers want to make sure they're getting the carrier that delivers the best quality for the lowest price. >> reporter: who has the best mobile phone service? >> verizon.
5:45 pm
>> at&t. >> metro pcs. >> i think it's a toss up. >> we never tell anybody who is the best cell phone company for them. >> reporter: bill maher can help. it measures it down to the square block. it uses only store bought unmodified phones indoors, outside and while driving. testing phones main uses. >> we put software that helps automate tests. the tests we run are calls, upload and download data tests and texting. >> reporter: employees record the data and transfer it to free maps you access. that general information is not specific to how you use your phone. >> for some people all they want that phone for is for calling. other people all i care about it data. if i'm a teenager, texting. >> reporter: there's a free app for apple or android. it allows consumers to check
5:46 pm
signal strength and speed right where they are. compare other carrier's coverage and even report dead spots. the more people who use it, that combined data makes it more accurate. >> what the crowd and consumer provides is more of a real time level of information in many more places and kind of all the time. >> reporter: that's because many factors effect call and data quality. including the number of cell towers the carrier has. the type and amount of wireless frequencies they use. the topography of the land. and the weather at any given time. even the season. in fall and winter phone signals have fewer leaves to penetrate and the whole system actually works better. but even the telephone you have can make a great big difference. >> we're seeing differences of 10 and 20% in terms of performance. >> reporter: it retests each area every six months to keep
5:47 pm
up. consumers contribute every year. >> you can learn more about the company by going to our website, and clicking on the special reports tab. >> twitter users may have experienced some problems with the social network today. the company stopped updating tweets for about an hour. twitter acknowledged the problem in a post and service has been restored. this comes just one day after twitter accidentally reset the password for thousands of its users. states are getting a bit more time to comply with part of barack obama's healthcare reform act. the health and human services secretary told governors stray until next week to let the agency know if they're at the timesetting up their own health insurance markets. states can take until mid december to submit detailed blueprints. >> researchers say they found
5:48 pm
an upside to using methamphetamine. it appears meth may help fight the flu. cells treated with meth had lower concentrations of flu virus. they still recommend not using meth but say this discovery might need to safer treatments for the flu. officials at uc davis are investigating what they say appears to be a prank at a sorority house. someone dumped 200 goldfish on the lawn and vandalized bicycles belonging to sorority members. >> i think it's a funny prank. but that's a large amount of fish to be just dumping around somewhere. >> that's pretty upsetting to me. i don't know why someone would do that. >> campus police say the pranks have hit other sororities. >> what aspiring strike week -- what a strange week this has been. hail in some parts. >> warm heat to this cool
5:49 pm
weather. snow in the mountains. hail in parts of the bay area and thunder and lightning. right now what i'm tracking is an area down here by half-moon bay. this could actually have a little bit of hail in it as well. just south of half moon bay. it's on highway 1 if you know this area and you're near this area you might be hearing a little bit of activity or seeing something. that's pretty much it. things are kind of quiet around here. what's going to happen tonight is the air is going to settle out, it's going to get cold. one of the coldest nights we've seen in a while. we'll see frost and freezing temperatures in some of those inland bay valleys. those look like overnight lows from three nights ago. it's cold weather is going to hang with us. the frost advisory north of the area. our inland bay valleys go l get a 30-degree reading. we'll see plenty of below freezing temperatures in the
5:50 pm
north bay. a lot of us around 34, 35 degrees. that is cold. this low pressure center lingers tonight. that cold air sticks around. even though the low moves off to the east. that's the big story here. saturday morning, monday morning, it's going to be cold. some frost on the windshields. if you have outdoor plans. if the kids have events or you have a golf game. that'll slow you down. that's the kind of morning the next couple mornings will be. think ahead whatever you've got to do. if you're heading to the mountains there's going to be icy conditions up there as well. friday evening there's showers that we'll see. this is the forecast model. maybe something coming up towards san jose. the model kind of drags a bunch of instability. it's widely scattered. you see the clearing tomorrow
5:51 pm
afternoon. 57 at oakland. still chilly. 30degrees cooler than it was. 35degrees cooler some places than it was just a few days ago. the five day forecast. i just marvel at, i think we all do, at how quickly it changes. it just went from record high to freezing, frosty temperatures. >> what about the cal game tomorrow night? >> i know you're going. gloves and a hoodie and jacket. temperatures are going to be in the 40s by the fourth quarter. that's chilly for berkeley. >> thanks, bill. celebrating a birthday with a shot in the arm. the healthy way that a local clinic marked a milestone. >> our new ktvu ipad app is ready to download. you can watch all our newscasts.
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washington, d.c. is already transforming itself preparing for president obama's second inauguration. crews are building the platform where the president will take the oath of office on monday, january 21st. the work began back in september but just this week the white house began constructing a reviewing stand on pennsylvania avenue. >> the san francisco health clinic celebrated its second
5:55 pm
birthday by offering free flu shots. clinic by the bay had a steady stream of customers today. the executive director says even with health care reform some people slip through the cracks. today's event is part of the clinic's goal to help underinsured people live healthier lives. >> they don't have to make that difficult decision am i going to be able to take care of my family, buy shoes or my kids or go to work and also see a doctor. >> in the two years since the clinic opened volunteers have provided health services to more than 1000 people. a tobacco wholesaler went up in smoke earlier this morning. it was a three alarm fire that destroyed the market. firefighters kept the flames from spreading to other buildings. the store also contained small co 2 cartridges. no one was injured. the building is a total loss. >> federal authorities dropped their sexual abuse investigation into former syracuse assistant basketball coach bernie fine.
5:56 pm
the move comes nearly a year after the probe began. the u.s. attorney's office closed its investigation because of insufficient evidence. it says there was not enough evidence to support a claim that fine had molested two day bios if 2002. fine has denied any wrong doing but he was fired last november when those allegations first surfaced. privacy concerns are growing for commuters. the metropolitan transportation commission may change some of its policies. clipper cards keep a person's information for seven years. transit officials may short than time. >> a body found outside a south san jose home marks the city's 41st homicide of the year. the new details we've learned in the past 30 minutes. >> also residents on treasure island keep lieuing their power. how salt water and sea gulls are overwhelming the islands infrastructure.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
how does it brew such great coffee? well, inside the brewer are these green fields of coffee, actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. a community is coming together tonight to honor a fallen officer every his
5:59 pm
family. ktvu's jade hernandez is live where wives of other officers are banding together to help the family. >> reporter: we watched organizers decorate these tables. these are last minute preps going on right now. it starts in a little less than a half hour. that's when we'll see attenkeys for a night out. the reason for support is anything but joyful. it's been a little more than two months since california highway patrol officer kenyon youngstrom was shot and killed. the dinner and dance is sponsored by the peace officer's alliance. a group of wives, significant others of police officers. we spoke to one organizer less than an hour ago. >> this particular fallen officer hit me much harder than other ones have in the past. >> you might remember youngstrom died after pulling over


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